Our neighborhood is made of many things ( buildings, parks, stores, venues) but its most  important asset is  its people. People who every day by their actions create the nurturing environment that so many of us moved here for. Dan S. is one of those people. In addition to  his membership in Ice  Balloons ( one of the best bands in the hood), for decades Dan has been one of those people who keeps this community alive and vibrant. Having DJed in many venues here over the last two decades, I can tell you  that the most critical element in any venue is its soul, and that is defined by the people who work their. Over time Dan has worked at many venues and his presence has always made a difference. .

For 5 years he and I did a weekly Tuesday night party at Macri Park, which anyone who ever attended will tell you was a  solid , and joyous event. Dan made it happen sometimes even taking money out of his own pocket to ensure the success of the  party. For me personally, so much of my development as a DJ came from that relationship . Currently, he is managing Bar Below Rye, and is doing the same wonderful understated job of creating space for locals  to hang out and support each other. Too many times people like Dan get overlooked and I wanted to take a moment to recognize one of the true creative and moral leaders in our community. Thanks Dan for all you do..