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Modulations: Learning To Listen

Dubspot Mixing Class 2: Spending almost 3 hours with a trained engineer closely listening to reference tracks chosen by the class was a revelation. Clearly this is a key skill that must be mastered in order to be able to create your own mixes that will sound the way you really want them to regardless of  the venue whether its your headphones, a stereo or a giant PA at a venue. It was great to hear everyone's choices they ranged all over the electronic dance music universe, house, techno, deep house, latin, my own were Strobe by Deadmau5 and Stranger by Maya Jane Coles.

The instructor Ariel is so much fun, its great when someone has strong opinions but is open to discussion. I already feel like my ears are improving. As with everything else in music its all about putting in the time. Ariel makes it easy and fun to do that. 

Arel went over the frequency spectrum in a very detailed way and we then  discussed each track after it was played. It was truly revelatory to hear how a failure to tune the subs on your drum sounds could really muddy a mix. Great to see him get excited about Hot Natured's Benediction, All in all a great class. today.