• The Twenty (map)
  • 177 Grand Avenue
  • Brooklyn, NY, 11205
  • United States

My focus over the last few years has been to bring the highest quality classic & contemporary electronic dance music to people in venues that don’t charge covers or have high priced drinks, and where the attitude is chill, and lacking in pretension. It’s challenging but very rewarding.

It’s rare when a new venue opens in Williamsburg that's NOT pretentious or expensive. In my experience over the last 5 months playing at The Twenty, it is such venue. I can only speak for my nights there but they have been consistently solid, with great music and a positive crowd.

Grand Street in Williamsburg has a place in NYC dance music history as the location of Lux and Stingers which both hosted great dance parties and served as major inspiration for my work as a DJ. If your around this weekend please come out late night ( 2:30 to 4:00 ) and support a conscious, fun dance party at a solid venue. Spaces are only as cool as the people who go to them – join me Saturday. ( 4/13/17)