• Project Parlor (map)
  • 742 Myrtle Avenue
  • Brooklyn, NY, 11205
  • United States

Sunday is shaping up to be quite a fun day. In addition to my sets, there will be a few live music acts during the afternoon and delicious food will be available provided by Jenn de la Vega ( http://www.randwich.es/ ). My friend and ace photographer Syra Sparkle will also be on hand to capture the day in phtogrpaohs. 

Few situations are more pleasurable for a Dj than the opportunity to spin outdoors in the summer. Sonic vibrations  traversing the ether, modulate the atmosphere in a uniquely pleasurable way. Sunshine and music together activates the mind and body.. Looking forward to a long , deep and enjoyable set at Project Parlor, come out if your in town.