• Project Parlor (map)
  • 742 Myrtle
  • Brooklyn, NY, 11205
  • USA

In violent times

you shouldn't have to sell your soul

—“Shout” - Tears For Fears

I’m the one who is going to have to die

When it’s time for me to die

So let me live my life the way I want to

—“If 6 was 9” - Jimi Hendrix

This month I will be commemorating my 69 revolutions of the planet we are all trapped on, with DJ sessions at two of my favorite NYC venues: Union Pool and Project Parlor. The only gifts I have to give people nowadays are the messages and emotions I disseminate through the music.

Thursday 3/21 Project Parlor – 10:00 pm to 4:00 am,

Friday 3/22 Union Pool Backroom Midnight to 4:00 am

My entire life has been spent in AmeriKa, the “belly of the beast” — a country ruled by a death culture elite who are bent on destroying the planet and who will never willingly give up their power. I was born out of the ashes of the nuclear bombs dropped by that elite, and spent a large part of my life living inside the global-spanning social, political, economic, and cultural movements that fought against it in the 60s through the 80’s. I am here now with all of you with nowhere to run and the dying grasp of the death culture spreading across our planet.

Our only hope is to build our culture and communities, with social, economic, and, political movements, based on life, on love, on the constitution, on the dignity of each of us, and on an implacable opposition to the outmoded, corrupt cultures, communities, economics and political parties who hold power now.

In loyalty to their kind

They cannot tolerate our minds

In loyalty to our kind

We cannot tolerate their obstruction

—“Crown of Creation” - Jefferson Airplane

But how much do you need?

How much, how much do you need?

___”Restless” - New Order

Dream On Dreamer

PreSkool – March 2019