PreSkool @ Pool Backroom

Union Pool (map)


Last months party was one of the best in our 7-plus years of doing this monthly dance party. Combining classic & contemporary electronic dance music into a seamless mix that sounds fantastic on the Union Pool  soundsystem under the expert guidance of Sound Engineer Doug Glass.

Join us this month for one of the longest running and best dance parties in BK. If your not feeling positive & strong when the lights come on, your doing the wrong drugs.

Artists & Fleas: Soho

Artists & Fleas (map)

With the onset of Spring, DJing at the corner of Broadway & Prince is a lot of fun. A&F has a large, well light space filled with great items both vintage and new plus Black Gold records & coffee and the Strand half price book kiosk. 

Centrally located and playing on a great sound system, I curate a deep, dope and atmospheric soundtrack for the visitors & the vendors. Great people watching also.