Over the last two years I Have had the pleasure of attending a number of DJ and music production courses at DubSpot NYC. These included the DJ Intensive, Foundations of Dance Music and the Ableton Intensive. Thanks to the very kind and supportive folks at Dubspot, I am now attending the Mixing and Mastering course. In return for a scholarship, I have agreed to blog about my experiences at the school. This has spurred me to finally start blogging on a regular basis not only about Dubspot but also on my thoughts and  experiences being involved with music over the last 5 plus decades. 

My blog allows for comments and I encourage you  to let me know what your thoughts are and any questions you might have. I will be blogging twice a week about Dubspot and three times a week on other aspects of the PreSkool universe

What makes Dubspot special is the people, they all without exception love music, understand collaboration and see their job as to encourage people to grow. Despite being much older than almost anyone there they have been unfailing in their support and encouragement.

Mixing and Mastering is one of those next level areas of music production and my goal is to make sure I can produce excellent mixes that can be mastered to really showcase my creativity. I'm looking forward to the class which has about 8 people in it and is a good mix of producers, DJs, musicians. More to come on Wednesday.

Please comment if you feel so moved.