I missed Monday's class because I never got up after Sunday nights party, so going to talk a little about that, more to come on mixing tomorrow.

My parties have often been a good reflection of where the neighborhood has been in it's journey into the 21st century. from the Ship Mast down on South 5th and Kent to Passenger Bar on Roebling and South 3rd is a longer journey than you might imagine. But its been a journey filled with great people  and while many of them are gone, their memories linger in unexpected by ways of our community and my mind. 

It was a great time Sunday night and being  with those folks who have been there since I first took a walk down Bedford was really inspirational, as were  all those others there who have swum in the current along sides me on this journey. It gives me hope and determination to keep plugging away at my music and projections. 

While it was a great party, it also I feel indicates a certain ending, which of course means a new beginning, and hopefully what that is will be a lot clearer when its time for my next celebration.

To all my friends and family, present or absent, I love you all very much, and intend to keep on moving forward.till I just cant move no more.