First off I received my Ableton certification certificate today. I'm really pleased to have passed the test and want to thank Chris, Abe, Michael and Adam for being excellent instructors and getting me productive in Ableton.

Today's class was focused on the EQ, Exciter, Compressor and Limiter modules in Alloy2. The instructor went over all parameters and gave a detailed review of how to use these modules. We then spent an hour working on our projects with the modules. Once again it was relavetory to see the effect of these modules on my project.  

The combination of detailed information delivery with in-class labs is an excellent methodology for a Mixing and Mastering course.

The challenging aspect of this is to figure out how much of these types of effects to use during the production phase of a project as opposed to the mixing or mastering phases. Honestly I am not clear yet as to where to draw the line but this is definitely something I will be pursuing as the course continues. 


I did it.

I did it.