Today was our last class in Mixing & Mastering, and the last blog specifically about the course. However, I will be writing about our upcoming trip to Ariel's studio and will be continuing to blog about my thoughts and experiences as a DJ/producer. ( Note you can sign up for email alerts as to when i post a new blog entry and comments are also welcomed. See below)

I really need to express my appreciation for the opportunity to experience Ariel's Mixing and Mastering Class. As with my other courses, I learned an incredible amount and got to interact with another great instructor and person. The result is two more original tracks that I am very proud of and an increasing sense of confidence as i move forward on my journey.

Th Mixing  & Mastering class as taught by Ariel is a very special part of Dubspot. At first i was somewhat dubious of his "group" approach to mixing/mastering but after experiencing the impact on myself and the other members of the class, I am a real supporter. It allowed us to really get a feel for the people part of the process which in the music business is a key factor in having a successful career. Figuring out how to work with others, on something none of us really understood provided a real challenge but allowed us to really learn not only about the technology and techniques, but how to work and communicate  with others and appreciate a much wider range of music. In terms of real world learning, I think the classroom "group approach' is unique and a valuable part of Dubspot.

I realy dont have the words to express how much the Dubspot family has meant to me both personally and as a aspiring DJ/producer. They have given me a rare opportunity and I am determined to make the most of it. Meanwhile i fully recommend Dubspot as the school of choice if you are looking to learn or improve your DJ or production skills. 

f you have any questions or comments about this or any of the other Dubspot course I have taken, please feel free to send me a email at